Good Enough?

There’s a certain arrogance and vulnerability

That comes with exposing your soul

With words that stem from deep within

Like a Greek God with glass Achilles

Courageous in expression

Fearful of defeat

Take these words that I have in stanza

Are they good enough for you?


In companionship, when cracks begin to show

Tremors shake the foundations of what was once

Serene and wonderful

Like late night calls with compliments that are never far fetched

When trust becomes unreciprocated

The value that you bring is questioned

To the point where you wonder

‘Am I good enough for you?’


When I’m spiritually blunt

With conscience dulled

On a train of inconsistencies

With no desire to get on

The right tracks

When my passions stray

And day to day I make mistakes

God, am I good enough?


When you see my flaws

If my eyes stray

And I betray your trust

If I bring you a dozen roses

Plus one, everyday

If another woos you

With diamonds and chiselled looks

Things I can’t afford and not genetically gifted with

Would my love be good enough?


What if I fail the test

And my best does not compare to the rest

My dreams too big

Sense too small, goliath ambitions

With no ammunition

Swinging and never hitting the mark

World, am I good enough?


When I disappoint the inner me

Integrity chips, excellence slips

I’m faced with weeds within my spirit

When my reflection looks back with disdain

And shadow reels in darkness that I swim


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