Youth’s folly

Allow me to drool in my folly

No matter the fee

Let me make my mistakes

And revel in unrighteous rebellion


While my hair is tinted black

With joints still intact

Let me lose myself in lust

And find love in forbidden places


Two decades under my belt

Hard liquor and rum will be dealt

Let me forge memories as dark as the night

And concoct new things for my chemical composition


After intoxication comes self-discovery

Amongst new found philosophies

Let my body be the canvas

And epiphanies ink


Resign God and His rules as relic

My sins I shall relish

Let me find wholeness in hedonism

And purpose in pleasure

My favourite Western luxury

My favourite Western luxury

is not roads without potholes

or kitchens with functioning stoves

it’s not drinkable tap water

or showers at steady temperature

it’s not a sense of safety on public transport

or personal space being a viable thought

it’s not the glory of Google Maps

or the scarcity of mosquitoes and ants

it’s not even air free from kerosene

or streetlights in the evening

it is – unlimited broadband,

where endless streaming abounds.



I mean this with no murderous intent but

I want to erase you from my past;

Every digital trace

                                Linked to unfortunate memories

Severed – from when we first met to our very last text


Every accidental gaze

on any pixel bearing your resemblance

is an unwelcome ripple in my mind


I place no blame on your actions, no fault to your words

Each breach and every glitch

Were from my hands and my lips


We could enter a new paragraph,


              I’d rather delete.