Snippets around the Underground

The greyness of togetherness
sway on their heads like unharvested grain,
his left hand searches for its weathered other;
she pauses,
               swings her bag back into her right,
and leaves him,

She smiles,
sees him,
steals a glance,
robs another,
then stares at the cell of the grey carpet
trapped in a heart that used to feel concrete.

Chapped lips, closed arms, crossed legs,
if these creaking gates fail right now
he may say too much too much too much.

She stretches with the aftertaste of his soul on her lips
beaming with the light of certainty,
inhaling the gravel, the iron tracks and the scent of late afternoon.

Guarding the genie of his chai latte
the stained man mists the Starbucks window
sipping the aroma of 9 am.


Which love do you prefer?

Love is not a tank or a war, it is
beetle in dirt nurturing seed,
morning dew wetting sapling,
westerly wind strengthening bark,
spring ray nudging shy bud.

Darling, I will love you as tenderly
as a hurricane kisses coconuts on the bay.

My love, like a Colombian espresso
distilled into tiny china and bombed down like rum
that sweet heat that ravenous river
cascading into you like waterfalls,
making ravines in the corners of your ribs,
lighting caves in the chambers of your quickened heart
watching your pupils dilate, nostrils flare,
and lips quiver like they just found God, again.