People love in different ways,

Some love like blockbuster soundtracks, Hans Zimmer on E, casting you as the caped crusader, the one to save the world, mould you from myth, Hercules can’t match your might draped in her love, love no matter the angles, the shots, sequence, your mask will fall with a boomerang and a kiss.

Some love like traffic lights, with caution and care, love so red it will make you stop.
This amber glow will say relax, slow down, spend time with me, what is time when her light turns seconds to second chances and minutes to eons, and when this love flicks green it will send you on overdrive like a Ferrari on open roads, love like a German throttle, fires in exhaust, liberty.

Some love like ice cream, dairy free or gelato, this one beau you’ll crave in summer and winter, and her siren will make you run, chase, you will never have enough, draped in honey gold, sprinkled with chocolate flakes, melt in your mouth, turn to lava in your throat, this lover will melt you in turn.

Some love like thunderstorms, you see it coming, you’ve read about it, watched the weather warnings yet you have no idea, no idea how the static will course through your veins, love so loud your earth will tremble, everything you thought solid will just Jericho fall. This love is the beginning of endless rain.

Some love you like a spaceship, you understand the science, the chemicals that churn in your gut but the magic is beyond your realms, love so out of orbit, the future is brought forth, the God sprinkled stars bask in the brilliance, comets whirl, the planet beneath your ribs finds its sun and gravity feels like helium.

Some love you like 80s funk and soul, like Gaye and MJ were your resident DJs, riffs that make you sink, bass that makes you trip, I mean look at those hips swing, love like fro combs to the tightest curls, love to unfurl you, reveal you, get you stepping, see the colours, see the rainbow beneath your feet, feel that beat.

So, how will you love me?


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