I know that you know

but I need you to know
and know now
that all we have
for sure
is now.

This is why thoughts and intentions
don’t matter when we’ve got words and actions like:
Yes, No, I need you, stay,
I like it when you stroke my hair and scratch my scalp,
thanks for getting batteries for the remote,
the way you laugh makes me glad,
your podcast is dope,
I’m proud of you.
I love you bro.
Yeah I called, it’s not urgent but I want you to know
I appreciate you. I made pizza and I’m bringing it over.
It’s getting a Saturday latte with a mate and listening to what they say,
it’s being up at unreasonable hours for stupid reasons,
like 2am drives to the beach with warm maccy d’s
it’s ringing mum and dad or equivalents just to chat
it’s postcards from southern France,
hand written letters with foreign stamps,
it’s making time, it’s being there, it’s being here
it’s sheathing your tongue when acid brews in your gut,

it’s also letting dead things die whether they float or sink.

good words unspoken will mould and blue,
pride will rob you of light and turn your breath stale,
every now, we choose which fragrance to bloom.

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