when you see her

How dare my eyes behold the sun in disguise
and not perish nor sink into my skull like ice cream in June?
And tell me how your aura is the colour of the space between Saturn and Mars
and how many planets must I paint before you tilt on my axis?

How can I entwine my fate with yours?
What alchemy will sift through the vapour in my lungs
and make golden the words that I drape you in?
Your name I keep deep in this furnace like it’s got ninety nine meanings
and a hundred constellations.


Go all in

When baking brownies or Victoria sponge
use the full fat milk, none of that watered down
lactose free, semi skimmed, raisins for taste nonsense
Go all in.

When at your 9 to 5 and the weather is grey
and your screen is blue, remember that success
is a series of unremarkable events, be there
Go all in.

When your tummy feels funny cos
the way she smiles makes you liquid,
don’t be cool, be a fool, better to lose than to rue
Go all in.

When your mates have dragged you out and
it’s stupid o’clock and your Honda’s at home
drink Norwegian, smuggle Russian, dance with the Caribbean
Go all in.

When the world is drizzle and storms
and you’ve got sunshine in your sleeve and God in your heart,
get new socks for Steve who lives under the bridge and booze if he needs
Go all in.

When somewhere new, don’t fold your arms
smile, say yes to dinner, introduce yourself in the native tongue
be laughed at, laugh with
Go all in.

When love evolves into diapers, dishes and leftover dinners
don’t be absent, buy roses on the 13th and the 15th
make a throwback playlist or a video
Go all in.

When deadlifting your max,
don’t slack, grunt, humph, keep your knees straight
stomach tight and feet shoulder width apart,
Go all in.

When your earth is crumbling (and there’ll come a time when it will)
look back at the brownies, the journeys, the 2am mistakes, your soft heart,
nervous infatuations, mutual playlists and your strong back and
keep going all in.