A pigeon has just slammed into the office window,
its death has brought us life,
“Don’t drink and fly”
“Always wear a seat-belt”,
Heads pressed on the cranberry stained glass
we watch feathers float over the car park,
and soon we return to our desks,
wings tucked.



It was a Tuesday morning in November
and while the world was creaking
I crossed the tram tracks
to the Van Gogh museum in mad Amsterdam.

For an extra two or three euros
the audio guide sent me
gazing into the spirals and brush strokes,
dazzled in a world of wonder and kinship,
swirling in madness,
I marvelled at the man who couldn't contain his spirit.

Anyway, the Van Gogh museum is also an allegory about you,
I came to this city to certify my insanity,
once upon a time I was your ear
now I am haemorrhaging over a love withheld.