Single (tinder profile)

26, all my teeth,
front spaced out like ivory keys,
all my hair, castor oil slick, wavy
goatee I’ve spent 26 years growing
forehead like a monitor,
mum says it means more wisdom in our culture
she also thanks God I grew into my face
(how does one grow into their face?),
six feet (minus two inches)
44 inch chest: where I keep these verses
brown eyes, earth skin, soft lips, sharp wit
no ex’s, therapist called Avi
literally a Nigerian prince, no money,
Silver Honda Civic,
I think the moon is underrated,
I believe we’re all wrong about God,
I’m macho in the sense that I unashamedly
shake to Beyonce’s Single Ladies,
my grandfather had 16 dogs, 9 cats and a crocodile,
my motto is “it’s not weird unless you make it weird”,
ultimately, i like to think i’m kind
and that’s the only thing worth striving for.


My drivers come from Kabul, Karachi, Kurdistan
and other regions with smiles as wide as their crescents.
There’s a kinship we, non-natives share in shared spaces
in a Prius or shisha bar nothing melts our cultures more like roasting the English
we laugh, the resonant laugh of striving to belong.
We are here and amidst our faux lamentations
Alhamdulillah, my drivers say, it’s sweet to come home in one piece, everyday,
my wife is learning English at the college, my son has a Geordie accent,
he knows nothing of home, maybe I’ll take him someday,
there’s s a shared silence, a quiet acknowledgement of the maybe.
You know, 60 years ago, you, me Christians Muslims we lived side by side, nobody cared,
everyone ate, people slept and now…
                                   we should bomb the politicians instead,
we laugh, the kind of laugh we must laugh.