Single (tinder profile)

26, all my teeth,
front spaced out like ivory keys,
all my hair, castor oil slick, wavy
goatee I’ve spent 26 years growing
forehead like a monitor,
mum says it means more wisdom in our culture
she also thanks God I grew into my face
(how does one grow into their face?),
six feet (minus two inches)
44 inch chest: where I keep these verses
brown eyes, earth skin, soft lips, sharp wit
no ex’s, therapist called Avi
literally a Nigerian prince, no money,
Silver Honda Civic,
I think the moon is underrated,
I believe we’re all wrong about God,
I’m macho in the sense that I unashamedly
shake to Beyonce’s Single Ladies,
my grandfather had 16 dogs, 9 cats and a crocodile,
my motto is “it’s not weird unless you make it weird”,
ultimately, i like to think i’m kind
and that’s the only thing worth striving for.