Ivory Tower

Her neck, I’ve wanted to bruise for a while now,
it reminds me of that ridiculous Song of Songs verse
where King Solomon compares his lover’s neck to an ivory tower,
– which, I’m sure, given appropriate historical context
is not ridiculous at all.
Context is key. Right now she sits before me
with my paw grazing her slender neck
legs crossed, tempted to
     prise her thighs apart with my left
(but we’re in company and that would be impolite)
her eyes are sharp and sparkle at the edges like pools in Heshbon,
reflecting my thoughts as her pulse quickens


I graze upon your brown skin

Like gazelles in summer’s haze,

Trek along the ridges of your spine

Circle round till I gaze upon your eyes

Nibble your nose till you wiggle your toes

Tickle your neck, dress your clavicle with pecks

Bite your lip, sink deep and spring an oasis of desire

Take a pause and rest between your breasts

Like a new born fawn nesting till dawn.


When the light hits, resume with kisses

Slowly, bit by bit, till you feel the heat

Beneath the honey coated bow of your bosom

Sweat trickling to your navel,

Your thighs unravel

As I graze upon your earth skin

And fill every pore with sin.