Guest Pastors

I will never forget this one guest pastor
who liked his eggs – specifically- runny and only runny
and sent the waitress back three times,
his growing wrath cooking his collar,
(mum and I still laugh about this).

What about the guest pastor who walked into the living room,
glanced at my playstation and decried the “devil box” consuming me.

there was another with a really big gap tooth
and when his sermon picked up, an excited whistle flew out.

oh, this guest pastor who walked out of the bathroom
with my towel and said “hope it’s ok, i used your toothbrush”.

what about that pastor who after an evening meal
called my sister, “babe”.

the guest pastor who insisted on
the five star Hilton by the quayside.

the white guest pastor who cracked one about
Africans being rowdy and no one laughed.

the other white guest pastor who at my godson’s naming ceremony
couldn’t think of any other theme than slavery and persecution.

the American guest pastor with an exceptional appetite
and a waistline to match.

the guest pastor who at the end of the conference, stood by the door
and was recruiting for his church like a Navy admin at a high school.

the many guest pastors I gave up my room for
including the ones who spoke in tongues at 1am;

thanks for the parables.

The Name

Ever since Wednesday night,
I too have been thinking of my favourite name for God.
Top of my shortlist is Belovèd,
it reminds me of a time when my heart was tender
before it was calcified by the acid of life.
Belovèd says to me, be loved
it says: be love,
it reminds me of your El Roi
the God who sees and still loves me.

And on the sixth day

After light was separated from darkness,
Sky vaulted from sea,
When land was formed and trees bore fruit,
After stars were flung into orbit and sun shone
On flocks, herds, swarms and shoals,

On the sixth day; God made man;

Man and his enamel teeth
Man and his rubber tongue
Man and his ivory ribs
Man and his wiry fingers
Man and his clayed feet
Man and his Eve,
And God said it was good.

Then Man,

Man made his sling
Man made his bronze spear
Man made his steel sword
Man made his iron chariots
Man made his idols: gold and silver
Man made his laws and his wars
Man made his flags and his borders
Man made his tanks, jets and rockets

Man made men slaves
Man made woman stray

Man made Eve bleed
Man made children weep.

When will man rest with God?

How to enter a church

The church doorsteps are where you dust your feet

Shake off yesterday and all that happened in between

Your age, worries and internal rage – off before you take a seat


Demographic analysis and political theories aside

Take a minute to dispose your predispositions

Forget your sins – and saintly deeds alike


God’s presence is not for introspection

Nor temporary pious humility

It’s for total and complete adoration.