There’s a man in church with four daughters,
seemingly spun out one after the other.
No doubt he will claim they’re blessings and princesses, but
when one is tugging at his leg and the third is missing with the choir singing
he’s etched with the look of a 19th century glider stuck in a Russian fighter jet


A muse is

Team relegation

Planting a kiss on coveted cup

It’s missing the last bus

Green lights with the right songs on the radio

Winters grizzly chime

Those long British summer nights

Cancer’s sudden grip

Life at the end of an umbilical cord

Unreciprocated love

Fleeting eye contact across the coffee shop

A sin that torments

Triumph over tempestuous temptation

The death of Mufasa

Employing Timon and Pumbaa’s philosophy

Dark childhood memories

Pretending to fall asleep so dad carries you to bed

More often than not it’s life’s troughs

not the peaks.