You get burst banks and pretty lilies,
broken umbrellas and sumptuous potatoes.

You get grazing mosquitoes and sizzling sun, 
insect repellent and thick cream on your warm skin.

You get foreign flus and fresh air, 
dry skin and crunchy leaves beneath your feet.

You get slush after the snowman and the angels,
perpetual nights and new takes on Christ’s birth.

The seasons change and the cycle remains
there is light, there is darkness,
in light, bask and have your fill
in darkness, slow down, wrap up, make tea
and prepare for light.



autumn has brought with it death and despair
    as leaves combust and
dive, a withered heart is in repair

    winds have brought with them
the gales of expectation trapped in suspended breath
    with promise of a thrill at summer’s hem

        what a time for a fire to kindle
    when the trees are stripped
and the branches brittle


Every winter I lose a glove or a hat,

Put on a tinsy bit of weight

Like a slender grizzly ready to hibernate


Every spring I lose an umbrella

Actually, I’ve never bought one

At some point I’m caught out like a drowned salmon


Every summer I get a heat rash below my neck

My West African ancestors look down and wonder why

Stranger still, when the sun is out I lose a sock or a tie


Every autumn, I plant something new

Winds and hurricanes come and shake my branches

I lose a friend or some summer romances


So in sun, sleet, slick or slide

Which season will I lose my heart to Love

And would she trust me at all?