V day

i swear to god i will exorcise you from every
chamber of my heart, even if i have to chase your kiss
with gas, and lips with venom, whatever it takes to get
the reverberation of your throaty laugh from the walls of my ventricles,
i will scrub you out, i promise, i will firebomb your fingerprints
shell the banks of memories mined, mortar them till kingdom come.
i will alter the alphabets and remove all four distinct letters and the way
your name sounds like a desert breeze will be salted, forgotten, erased



i know the nickname i’ll give you
when we become one,
i’ve sketched out the tattoo we’d get
on our ribs like ivory keys,
i know which snap i’ll slot
in my wallet & save as my screensaver,
i know my mother will pray for twins
and deliver Hebrew names
i know the ingredients of your favourite playlist
when R&B was really rhythm and blues,
i know your favourite lip balm and
skin butter and where you like my teeth,
i don’t know which Korean drama is streaming
and i won’t watch but i’ll make tea with the lemon in

you, my moon, are a reverie,
a delirium
i can not shake.